Does Botanical Slimming Have Side-Effects?

So you are thinking about using botanical supplements to help with your weight loss, and you are worried about the possible side effects? This is a common worry amongst people who are willing to slim down, and are thinking about using supplements to speed up the process, and make it a bit easier for them. First it is important to understand what botanical actually means, before we get any further in to using botanical slimming products. What you should understand is that slimming supplements don't have to have side effects to work. It doesn't mean that the supplement will be more effective the more and more severe side effects it has! There are many safe products that produce outstanding results, and there are many scams that only bring you side-effects that make you sick.

Botanical derives from the word botany which means herbal, or plant based. Botanical slimming supplements are based on different herbs and plants that have been found out to have positive effects in people who are trying to lose weight. The effects can be very different from one plant to another, but the outcome is always found to be helpful in someone who is trying to lose weight. For example, some plants help improve insulin sensitivity which directly will lead to less fat gained, and more fat burnt. The herb itself doesn't directly cause you to lose weight, but the effect that it has on your body, will improve your results.

Other herbs help reduce cortisol, or slow down the emptying of your stomach. When cortisol is high, we will gain fat as our body is turning the protein in our muscles in to glucose, and then transporting it to the adipose tissue. Reducing cortisol will force our bodies to use glucagon as the prime hormone in up keeping a healthy blood sugar which works mainly through the breakdown of fatty acids and triglycerides. Almost every time the herbs have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine because they help promote better health, and later on western scientists have found out about their beneficial effects on weight loss.

What are the side-effects?

When it comes to the side-effects of botanical slimming, it is crucial to know the exact product that you are looking at. Different herbs can have different unwanted effects, and different combinations might have different side effects. More often than not, the user experiences none of the side effects, and in many cases they are not actually harmful side-effects but actually they come naturally with the process of healing your body and making it more effective in losing fat and slimming down. For example, someone using an insulin sensitizing supplement, might initially experience low blood sugar as a side-effect, but as their body becomes more effective in managing blood sugar the problem will go away.

Even so, we think it is important for you to know the side-effects before you start using any botanical slimming product, and we also wanted you to know some of the problems that come with lower quality fat burners. We only recommend you the highest quality slimming supplements and think it is important to give you as much information on them, and others, as possible.

Fruta Planta Side Effects

  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst
  • Constipation
  • Increased heart beat

This is a very common list that comes many fat burners, which in our opinion are not something that you want to use today. Based on all the scientific data there is, it's an outdated way to lose fat and slim down. We have a lot of other healthier ways to make you lose even more weight, and you won't have to suffer from these problems. We explained above why it is important to manage cortisol, and at the same time help your body improve its' glucose metabolism. Fruta Planta belongs to the products that use ingredients like Bitter Gourd, Mangosteen and Spirulina to help your body detoxify, control appetite, improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation. These combined will actually help you lower cortisol that originates from inflammation, and also stress that is related to the feeling of hunger - we all get stressed out when we notice we are hungry. When you reduce appetite, you reduce the stress.

Fruta Planta has been shown to contain sibutramine which is an anorexiant drug which is closely related to amphetamine and it's not plant based. They are not botanical products and hence have a high risk to cause side effects and health problems in long term use.

Side Effects Of Sibutramine

  • Sudden death
  • Heart failure
  • Renal failure
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Side EFfects of Meitzitang Botanical Slimming Gel Capsules

There are not really many reported side effects with Meitzitang capsules, but we think that it is mainly because they don't work for weight loss. We have discussed the matter more in our previous article Do Botanical Slimming Gels Work, and we will not go in to detail about a possible Meitzitang Scam in this article. The company itself doesn't do a good job explaining why their product would work, and the reason is simple - there isn't a reason for it to work for weight loss. They do list groups of people who should not be using their botanical slimming supplements, and here is the list.

  • People with cardiac health problems
  • People with addictions
  • People with thyroid problems
  • People with liver or kidney malfunction
  • People with prostatic issues
  • Pregnant women
  • Minors or elders
  • People who are using other drugs

Basically they are just listing groups of people who have the highest risks of having health problems that could be connected in their products in any way.

LiDa DaiDaihua botanical slimming slide effects

LiDa DaiDaihua "botanical" slimming capsules have been banned in different countries because they aren't in fact botanical (hence the quotes). The capsules were found to contain a banned drug called sibutramine which is an oral anorexiant. That is just a fancy word for appetite suppressant, but it is not plant based.

We are not going to go through the whole list of botanical slimming products originating from China, but you can easily see a pattern here. They are not to be trusted as they often contain something other than it says on the side of the box. We advice you use the botanical weight loss patches that we recommend as they are made in high quality laboratories under strict testing and EU rules. There are no other products that have been on the markets for so long with so good results. They are the high end of slimming supplements without the side effects of the so called botanical slimming capsules that more often than not are just cheap imitations. and do not come with the actual herbal ingredients but are laced with potentially harmful pharmaceutics.